Whether you’re planning family events, psychotherapy goals, school terms, fitness programs, or business steps, it can be helpful to view your overall plans for the next year all on one page.  Online schedules and weekly or daily planners can be too cluttered to help you truly process the bigger picture, so a tool that helps you focus just on the major events and tasks can help you understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Get the 1 Year Overview Planner

1 Year Overview

This tool is so simple yet can help you make major decisions for the upcoming year by avoiding pitfalls, like trying to do too much in a short span of time or packing too much into months that are already full of hectic demands.  It also serves as a realistic way to see how taking steps to achieve goals can help you make huge progress in as little as one year.

You can also use this to record the major tasks you have done already to recognize your progress, identify obstacles, and reflect on the time that has gone by.

This is a great tool for professionals to make year-long plans with clients.