Being Good Enough: Discovering Your Self-Worth and Living a Worthy Life

Self-worth is the evaluation a person has about their own value.  We talk about it so much that it sounds cliche. It is a concept that gets mocked as a source of arrogance and undeserved entitlement.  Yet without it, we cannot truly have a sense of self as a member of society. Our understanding of self-worth begins when we are infants and toddlers. We notice how we are treated and how people treat others then associate behaviors with rewards. Quickly, we learn who will help us and who will hurt us. As we develop empathy, we learn that we have…

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Walk Non-Stop for an Additional 5 Minutes Every Morning (Wellness Habit of the Week)

Walking in the Morning

Walking is good for you, really good for you. Walking is what the human body evolved to do for long periods throughout every day, but many of us don’t walk much in our modern lifestyles. Our bodies and brains thrive when we walk. Without it, we may watch our health and happiness deteriorate. You don’t need to start marathon walking to get better health. It can start with simple steps that you can incorporate into your day. Adopt If you find yourself feeling worried about your health, walking is one of the best things you can do to improve your…

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Trade One Sugary Drink for Unsweetened Beverages (Wellness Habit of the Week)

Lots of people insist they are trying to cut sugar out of their diet. We often hear from health professionals that sugary drinks, even juice, are unhealthy. But it can be difficult to kick the sweet-drink habit. We are surrounded by sugary sodas, artificially flavored and sweetened shakes, and juices that claim to be healthy but aren’t. To resist the temptations, switching your eating and drinking behaviors requires a change in habits. Adopt: Why Sugary Drinks May Not Be Good for You If you want a healthy mind, sugary beverages may be enjoyable to drink but may cause challenges to…

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Wear Sunscreen Every Day (Wellness Habit of the Week)


Your skin is one of the first thing other people notice about you. Our skin sends a message to others about our age (e.g. wrinkles, smooth baby skin), health (e.g. autoimmune disease, infection), the way we take care of ourselves (e.g. dirty, clean), our values (e.g. piercings, tattoos, cosmetic changes), and our lifestyle (e.g. makeup, natural/no-makeup, sunburn). With so much communication about ourselves happening just by the way our skin presents itself, it makes sense that skin problems are a significant source of anxiety, depression, and stress (Dalgard et al., 2015). This distress can be worse if we are dealing…

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Watch or Read Something Funny and Laugh Once per Day (Wellness Habit of the Week)

Think back to some of the most joyful times in your life. Chances are, it involved smiling. If you were with other people, it probably involved laughing. Laughing acts like a glue to promote positive social bonding. Plus, it feels delightful and spreads happiness. Even when life gets difficult, it can be healing and inspiring to let ourselves laugh. Adopt: Why You Should Laugh Every Day for Wellness It feels good to laugh and have fun. Need more convincing? Multiple recent studies are looking at how laughter may help improve your mood, outlook, and even health. So far the results…

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