The Wellness Habits Project: Start Your Wellness Project, Introduction and Overview

The Wellness Habits Project is an opportunity for you to start incorporating new habits into your life to improve your physical health, mental health, relationships, and community. Starting in January 2017, a new suggested habit will be posted every week along with researched information about how the habit can help you make choices that improve your wellness. No fluff, folklore, or fads. We select and present each habit based on peer-reviewed, scientifically supported studies. Each habit is small, achievable, and easily combined with other habits to help you develop new routines.  Choose the habits that work for you, modify them…

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Drink a Glass of Clean Water Every Day (Wellness Habit of the Week)

So many people insist you must drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is not always the case. Every person has different water needs. One thing we all have in common, though, is that we all need to drink clean water, and adding a glass of water to your daily habits can help improve your health. Adopt a Daily Glass of Water Consuming adequate amounts of water is an important part of avoiding health problems related to heat and dehydration (Petitti, Hondula, Yang, Harlan, & Chowell, 2016). This is especially important during warmer months. While the amount of water…

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Wash Your Hands Immediately After Using the Bathroom

hand washing with soap

Most of us have heard this throughout our lives: “Don’t forget to wash your hands after using the bathroom.” However, some people don’t do it. They forget or assume that it doesn’t matter because they didn’t really get their hands dirty. But not washing your hands after using the toilet is not just a gross social taboo; it is also a huge problem that affects health. Adopt the Hand Washing Habit Washing your hands after using the bathroom / toilet can reduce disease (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Bacteria, viruses, and parasites can live in feces, and when…

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Sit Up with Good Posture (Wellness Habit of the Week)

We’ve all heard adults telling children to “sit up straight” or “practice good posture”. Posture is body language. It can communicate if we are feeling sad or proud. Pushing our shoulders back and opening our posture can even help us feel more confident. But posture is also good for your wellness. It may even help you live with less pain. Adopt: Reasons to Start Sitting with Good Posture Chronic back pain can reduce overall life satisfaction by interfering with a person’s willingness to be in social situations, like going out to dinner, or going on outings, causing people to become…

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Eat One Vegan Meal per Day (Wellness Habit of the Week)

Vegan Food

There is lots of confusion about what makes a good diet, and it is the subject of many books, websites, videos, and shows, but study after study shows that a plant-based diet has lots of health benefits. But you don’t need to become a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy some health benefits of such diets. Adopt: Why Trying a Vegan Meal Is a Good Idea Vegan diets are associated with multiple health benefits, such as lower Body Mass Index (BMI), lower blood pressure, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, and lower cardiovascular disease (Le & Sabaté, 2014). A vegan diet…

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Socialize or Say Hello to Someone at Least Once per Day (Wellness Habit of the Week)


Socializing and saying a friendly hello to people daily can actually boost your wellness. Loneliness has been a problem since the beginning of the human species. It has been the source of inspiration for philosophers, poets, political leaders, and religions. Humans biologically need each other, and to meet those needs, we crave connection with people. Adopt the Habit: Why You Need to Say Hello to People to Improve Your Well-Being Positive social relationships are good for your health (Kok et al., 2013). Social interactions, like wishing another person well, are related to an increase of positive emotions. These positive emotions…

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