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All Together Wellness

Putting together science, philosophy, body, mind, and community to help everyone build wellness together.
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Building Wellness

How to Start the Path Toward Greater Wellness

Choose to Start To make intentional changes, we must make intentional choices. Do you really want to pursue a path to greater wellness, or do you just wish you would magically be healthier and happier?...
What Is Wellness?

What Is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of actively pursued well-being that is developed by improving physical health, mental health, and social health.

There are several categories (also called areas or domains) of wellness.

Emotional Wellness
Intellectual Wellness
Physical Wellness
Environmental Wellness
Social Wellness
Family Wellness
Spiritual Wellness
Occupational Wellness
Financial Wellness


When we attempt to focus on improving just one domain of wellness, we may neglect others, causing a feeling of emotional imbalance. To build overall wellness, we need to combine all of these categories together.

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